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If you are new to Market Trading you really have been missing out on massive profits. The Global Financial Crisis which crippled World Stock Markets from 2008 on has catapulted profits for Forex Oil and Gold Traders around the globe.

The old adage of diversification for investing is true. But how many stock investors heeded that? They may have had a portfolio of different shares but that was not diversifying away from having all their eggs in the share market. Consequently when World Share Markets imploded share investors had absolutely no protection.

Trading Forex Oil and Gold or other commodities is a way to diversify. There is little correlation between Cattle and Currencies or Corn and Gold. So where do you start? The best place to begin your career trading is in Forex. You can commence with less than $200 (although it is recommended to start with more.) Once you have a handle on Forex Trading it is simple to then trade commodities such as Oil and Gold.

The other commodities markets require a bit more knowledge and information about them and relevant market factors. However you can trade Forex without much knowledge at all - there are even automated trading robots these days that can do all the trading for you. All you need do is plug in your computer and walk away - go play golf and get paid when you return home.

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Obviously you need an introduction to Forex first. If this is your initiation then once you start trading you should visit our traders tool pages - to get market prices and news as well as trading tips.

 Foreign Exchange Trading (FOREX) It can be quite lonely and costly to be trading at home by yourself. Through joining a Forex Club you can gain knowledge just listening to others - their wins and their losses. Hopefully it will point you in the right direction and certainly it should help you avoid the costly mistakes which every trader makes when starting out on their own.

With the Foreign Exchange Journal you will find many articles on trading to assist your education in trading. Note - no matter how much you spend in acquiring books and videos the real education in Forex Trading comes when you enter the market. Time in the market is the best way of learning. Unfortunately many would be "gung ho" traders self destruct very quickly. They lose their entire trading capital and disappear in smoke. Even a demo practice account will not truly educate you in the  ways of the market simply because the experience is imitation. You need REAL adrenalin pumping through your veins and hard earned money on the table at risk to grasp the true psychology of markets.

To avoid becoming an early casualty it is prudent to take your introduction to Forex trading very slowly and cautiously. Preservation of trading capital is the number one objective you should have - not to make profits from day one. Start with a practice account , where there is no money at risk. Then when you can successfully increase the make believe capital in the practice account start trading a mini forex account - where you can not lose too much money suddenly because the contract sizes are small.

When you become proficient trading a mini account then grade up to a standard account - as the small scale of mini accounts makes it hard to accumulate funds. A lot has been left out in these few lines about how to trade - that is what you must learn over time.

If your sole goal is to make money rather than gain an education first then please do not attempt to trade Forex yourself. The best way to approach trading if you do not want to spend the time and effort in learning everything there is in order to be a successful forex you should employ an automated Forex trading robot - such as MegadroidFX. Even then it is wise still to learn as much as you can about Forex trading and also learn about the various FX Robots.

Many professional traders use a number of Forex robots - as they recognize the power of trading robots to crunch numbers and process data - far faster than any human can. That is not to say that the decision making of trading robots surpasses that of talented human traders; it is just that humans can not match the speed of the robots. Which probably accounts for why the better robots are able to scalp extremely well and make profits when their human counterparts do not.
When you join ForexOil - Everything about successful Forex trading can be specifically learned and it represents one of the few ways for people to start with small stakes and build wealth quickly.

If you have the RIGHT mindset and the right tools, you can build big profits in under an hour a day - even if you have never traded before.